Fiber Fun on the Farm

Fiber Color Wheel

So Saturday afternoon saw me heading down the road to take a Color Wheel class with Robin Lynde of Meridian Jacobs Farm in Vacaville, CA. Meridian Jacobs is on the outskirts of Vacaville in Solano County and is a lovely little farm that has, oddly enough, Jacob sheep. They hold a lot of events at the farm like Shearing Day in Novemeber and a Meet the Lambs event in the Spring.

The Color Wheel class that I attended is based on the Colorworks book by Deb Menz. I do pretty well with colors by what I think of as lucky accidents but Meg assures me that is good color sense. Since the confidence needed a little boost, I decided to take the class. Robin did a great job putting together a kit that allowed us to card different primary and secondary colors together and work on tint, tones and shades as well as the terminology. She had 2 kits at the ready and let us choose between regular primary colors of red, blue, yellow and the printers primaries of cyan, magenta and yellow. I also got the book and will work through it to get the more in-depth information.

Ashford Wild Carder

Now this class just touched on the basics, but the important part is that I spent the better part of 3 hours playing with a drum carder! I processed a lovely carded color wheel in the printers primaries and can’t wait to get Kayley  (my spinning wheel, yes I named her after Kayley in Firefly!) out and start spinning it up.

The plan is to ply it with a lovely gun metal grey merino that I have been spinning and possibly make a scarf or shawI with it. I have wanted a drum carder for a couple of years now and had so much fun working (playing!) with the shops that as soon as I got home I pounced on my husband and told him all about the class and how much fun I had. I have been subtley (NOT!) working drum carders into conversations for a few months now and I finally convinced him that I really, really need one!

Brother Drum Carder

So, as I write this my Brother Drum Carder is on it’s way from Oregon! Isn’t she lovely??And it will be motorized! I’ve been looking at these for a while and following the thread on Ravelry and it will be a wonderful addition for the shop!

Keep your eyes peeled for the first of the Ladybug Batts to roll off the carder and be offered in the shop!  SQUEEE!!!!

Happy Spinning and Knitting,


Our local yarn store rocks!

Knitique, A Yarn Boutique, in Elk Grove, CA

More great news!  Our local yarn store, Knitique, is hosting a Sweater Knitting Marathon during the Olympics, and we were chosen as their featured U.S. yarn company.  We’ve kettle dyed eleven rich colorways on our high twist 80/20 sock base for this event.  Check it out!


This is the pattern chosen for the event, in our colorway, “Sweetheart.”  Drop by or call the store for all the details!