Revenge of the Back Yard

Two Pears in a Pod (or something like that)

It’s been 3 months now since I had shoulder surgery. Although I managed to keep on dyeing with the aid of some awesome helpers, I have had to give up most other household chores until sometime this fall.  I don’t mind not being able to do housework (understatement!!), but I do miss gardening.  (And swimming.  I just had to add that.)

Right now my back yard reminds me of a show my son watches on the History Channel – something about what might happen to the planet after all the people have gone.  Well, it’s apparent that I no longer am present in my garden.  In just three short months, this is what my rose bushes look like:

Help! I used to be the most gorgeous white Iceberg roses.  Now, I am morning glory vines.

You can see a tiny bit of lawn and lantana peeking out from underneath, but no roses.

And then there’s my sad little vegetable garden.  I managed to plant it, barely, and then I had to hope for the best:

But at least there are tomatoes.  And peppers.  But no mulch.

Luckily, I’m a big believer in the Lazy Gardening Method, even during the best of years. I love perennials and things that re-seed themselves.  Like Phlox:

Faithful, long-blooming, and an inspiration for a colorway, “Phlox and Denim”

The front yard, luckily, is doing a little better. Although I have several hydrangeas in need of severe deadheading (100+ degree fries them), I have a lot of pretty little things that come back year after year, like this violet groundcover:

Violets, Nasturtiums and Impatiens to the rescue

I love Impatiens. Yes, they are an annual, but I plant them every year. They really dress up the place, spread out nicely and give things almost a tropical air.

Lovely and hardworking.

And there are a couple of hydrangeas that somehow managed to escape the searing heat of the summer sun.

The lucky one.

I can hardly wait until I can start digging and pruning again. Until then, I have to hope for the best.

This last photo reminds me of my relationship with my partner Sheri.

Two pears in a pod!

Really looking forward to fall!

Happy knitting, gardening, and everything else that you enjoy.

— Meg


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