Fiber Shows!!

It’s been a busy time here at Casa De Ladybug East.  In between all the Fall dyeing that’s been going on (Nov Sock club and Nov Chubbies!!), there has been fair bit of traveling, too. First up, The California National Wool Show at the Mendocino County Fair. This took place the weekend of September 14-16.

We arrived on Friday to watch the wool judging. If you have never attended a wool judging, I highly recommend it.  It is so informative and really helps you pick a good fleece.  I came away with a white Shetland and a gorgeous bright Cormo.

Next up was the Fiber Fusion in Chico on September 29th. I went to see my folks in Orland and they were kind enough to head over to Chico with me. The fair was held in the Downtown Plaza Park on a lovely day.  There were lots of booths with lovely fiber and lots of informational booths.

Sweet ShetlandsI also found these little beauties and they were so friendly.  Practically fighting to get attention from everyone clustered around them. It made the decision for me that the new farm MUST INCLUDE SHETLANDS!!  I have been in love with this breed for a couple of years now.  The fleece is a joy to spin and knit and they are so sweet. They were practically fighting for attention using there substantial backsides to push each other out of the way!

Finally, today we hit up Lambtown in Dixon, CA.  There were sheepdog trials, a sheep to shawl competition, shearing competition, the same friendly little flock of Shetlands from Joshua Farms that was at the Fiber Fusion, and enough fleece to keep even me happy.  I came away with these beauties.


A lovely deep brown alpaca fleece from Arapaho Rose Alpacas out of Redding Ca and a new basket! (Because you can never have too many baskets to hold all the fleece and yarn, right? RIGHT??”)

I will definitely go back to all three of these next year and I recommend you join me! Maybe Ladybug Fiber will even have a booth at Lambtown!

Happy Spinning and Knitting,

Ladybug Sheri


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