Pausing, in the midst of the holidays

Hanukkah is just past… Christmas and Kwanzaa, right around the corner. Things have been very busy at the Ladybug Fiber “factory, and of course, life in general.”  Last thing I remember it was Thanksgiving and I was driving back from Seattle – today, I looked up and noticed it was, unbelievably, December 15th.  I almost panicked.  Yet somehow, things have been happening all along, gifts and a tree and poinsettias bought, baking and cards started.  And yarn has been dyed, and dried, and wound, and sent out into the world, hopefully bringing smiles to faces.

Here is something I found while gardening between rainstorms a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a nest that held several baby birds last summer, little ones we tried to protect, despite the nest being tucked under a structure that fell during a freak June windstorm, putting it within reach of one of our cats.  He prowled and yowled for three days inside the house, as we waited and watched for the baby birds to get big enough to fly away to safety.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Amazing how soft the inside of the nest is, considering what it’s made of.


Our own children are getting ready to fly the nest.  Sheri and I each have two, one each in high school and one in college.  This is the point where you realize they may not always come home for holidays, and that each holiday season now is more special, in some ways, than when they were little.  Our holidays, this year, will be fairly simple.  We are trying to save money to visit our daughter in Spain in the spring (she is there, studying abroad, for her junior year) so we are limiting the presents, the decorations, even the activities.  When she comes home – for just 12 days – we’ll exchange some small things, but mostly focus on food, laughter, games and good friends. We’ll make latkes and cookies and cioppino, and I’ll enjoy spending time with her, listening to her stories, and taking her to the dentist and to get her hair cut before she gets back on a plane and heads far, far away.

There’s something nice about this simple but special year.  I’m on a schedule, but I’m not rushing like I have in years past.  What gets done is great, and the rest, I’ll let go of.  I even have time to dream up some new yarn colors for the coming winter and finish a knitted gift or two.

Happy holidays!  — Meg


1 thought on “Pausing, in the midst of the holidays

  1. I save my yarn scraps and put them out in the spring in case birds can use them for their nests. I had two birds that came back to their nest three years in a row. Such fun to watch the parents sit on the nest and finally for the eggs to hatch.

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