Nose to the Grindstone


Things have been quiet here, I know – that’s because lots of things have been happening behind the scenes.

I’m going on a big trip soon with my family, to meet up with our daughter who is studying in a faraway place and then travel on to other faraway places.  It will be an amazing trip. In order to get there I have had to work twice as hard this winter, both at home and in the dye studio.  But it’s going to be totally worth it.

I expect I’ll be refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired by my travels.  I’ve been in a little rut lately and I think this will be like hitting a much needed “reset” button.  I’ll be seeing some breathtaking landscapes and art and architecture, and meeting amazing people, and I’m looking forward to how all of that will transform my dye work.

Some of the things we’ve both been working on this winter are our new sock clubs.  So far, the self striping club has been the most popular.  We offer them in “brights” and “subtles,” and take turns each month dyeing them.  We’ve also been dyeing lots and lots of custom and team orders, which helps teach us more about color properties.

We’ll keep the shop open and shipping will continue while I’m away.  While we won’t do any custom orders or a lot of new dyeing, we’ll have lots of yarn in stock and monthly Chubbies and yarn clubs that you can pre-order.

Oh yeah, one of the places I’m visiting while on my journey? The great Wollmeise’s brick and mortar store. She was the inspiration for me to become an indie dyer.

— Meg


2 thoughts on “Nose to the Grindstone

  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip and come back feeling inspired and rejuvinated! (But then, if you’re visiting Wollmeise, how could you not?)

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