Well, hello there, summer!

Today was the start of a good old-fashioned heat wave.  It hit 105 degrees here in Elk Grove, California – but that’s nothing.  By Wednesday, it could build to 112.  (The joke around these parts is, “but it’s a DRY heat.”  Sorry, but anything over 100, anywhere, is simply hot.)

It happens, but what’s weird is that only a few days ago, it was in the low 60’s and raining. Now that doesn’t happen in Central California in late June.

The two extremes have put a slight crimp in our dyeing plans, but we’re just going a bit slower, quitting a bit sooner, and drinking a lot more water.  One of us (I won’t say who) went out and bought herself a wading pool, and paid her 17 year old son five bucks to pump it up and fill it with water:


It will be waiting for her as soon as she finishes this post.  With, hopefully, a frosty margarita.

Speaking of updates, we just put a bunch more self striping in the shop.  First up is our July Chubby, in “Berries”:


It makes us hungry for pie.

And some other new color ways:


Field of Poppies (the California Poppy is our beloved state flower!)

ImageHosta (if you’re lucky enough to have some shade!)

ImagePajama pants (for that next sleepover!)


Imagesweet Viola.

Enjoy – and have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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