Heat wave has broken…

(Sung to the tune of “Morning has Broken,” by Cat Stevens.  Or, not.)

I might jinx things in the long run, but as of today, our week-long stretch of 106-111 degree temperatures is over.  It’s just after 5:00 pm and I ventured out an hour ago for a bike ride with my husband in a relatively balmy 82 degrees, almost 30 degrees cooler than it was just 24 hours ago.  It still felt hot.  🙂

What happened this week?  No dyeing (that would have involved a death wish).  I drove my college daughter to her summer job in the mountains, came home and had a popsicle, and that took care of Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday was mailing, winding, and paperwork; more popsicles and some guitar practicing (I now know 19 simple chords and several strum and rhythm patterns – yay me!). Yesterday was the 4th and after going to my water aerobics class (the only exercise I will even consider when it’s over 100 degress) I then holed up in the air conditioning and, joy of joys, I read a book.  It was really very good – “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves,” by a great Northern California author, Karen Joy Fowler.  You may have heard of another of her books, called, “The Jane Austen Book Club.”  It seems like forever since I’ve taken the time to read an entire book in one sitting.  After I was done, I had some barbecue, a margarita and watched my husband and son set off a total of 5 fireworks.

But back to the shop.  This week I also started knitting a pair of socks using some gorgeous yarn that Sheri dyed up for me a while ago, along with some of our new heel and toe mini skeins, in “Carnation”:

Image Love the contrast!

We also did an update of kettle dyed yarns, mostly in repeated colorways of “Giverny” and “Magic Carpet.”  I snuck the dyeing in on the first heat wave day, last Friday.

Image“Giverny,” in silky sock

Image“Magic Carpet,” also in Silky Sock

We put up a skein of our April kettle dyed club selection:

Image“Caribbean,” yet again in Silky Sock

And finally, our July Phat Fiber contribution to the Under the Sea box:

Image“Sea Anemone,” in 100% superwash merino single ply

Here’s to lower temperatures, and more dyeing and posting next week!

— Meg


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