We’ve been quiet a long while, I know.

There have been so many things happening at Ladybug Fiber.  Most of these are good things!  We’ve really enjoyed working on our sock clubs, and in January we introduced our Birthstone yarns, one month at a time, on five (so far) of our most popular bases.  Next up for us are some gradient sets, if we can ever get them listed!  We were also excited to welcome three new wholesale accounts:  Nutmeg, String by Kim, and Knitter’s Square.

These last few months have also been ones of great change outside of our business.  We have each had important family matters and events that have taken us out of state.  In my case, it began by  taking my youngest child on the last of several college visits before he finally made his big decision at the end of March.  Then my oldest graduated from college, followed by the youngest from high school.  My parents suddenly turned a corner in their lives.  This means planning a big move for them, from the 100 year old house where I grew up, and where they have lived for almost 50 years, to somewhere smaller, safer, and easier.  Much of my summer will be devoted to working with my siblings on cleaning out and selling the family home.

I’m sure some of you know that being an indie dyer is always more than a full time job.  Sometime last spring, although I kept up with the dyeing, I had to give up posting weekly updates.  This summer, because I’ll be out of state so much, I’ll dye when I’m here, list when I can, and put the shop on vacation when I’m gone.  We’ll be able to keep up with the clubs and the birthstones, but we’ll limit the number of club memberships and put custom orders on hold to make things manageable.  My fingers are crossed that things will be more or less back to normal this fall.  I also think that these trips away will help fire up my creativity, just as my month-long trip to Europe did last year.

And this fall I will teach knitting for the first time.  One of my friends works for our local Parks and Recreation department and she asked me to teach beginning knitting to adults, and beginning crochet to kids in the winter.  I’m pretty excited about it.  And a tiny bit freaked out.

My to-do list is long, but I am trying to take the time to enjoy my family, my garden, my friends, each new color I come up with in the studio.

Maybe I’ll even plan a little vacation for when the summer’s work is over.

Happy Summer, everyone.  — Meg



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