Changes, Part II

 (A sock I’m knitting in “Banded Cotinga,” with “Cobalt” for the cuffs, heels and toes.  I’ve been working on this pair of socks since… May.)


I don’t have much time, since I am about to get on a plane (again), but I wanted to let you know about something really, really great.  I can talk about it now, because it’s happened.  Sheri’s dream came true – she and her husband have bought property in the northwest and moved up there, and they are building a home and starting the hobby farm that they have wanted for years.

I’m so excited for her.  I’ll miss her – and Ladybug Fiber Company will never be the same – but I absolutely love it when someone I am close to has their heart’s desire realized.  And I’m looking forward to when she’ll open her own business – whatever that may be.  I’m also secretly hoping she’ll follow through on our plan – that she will raise some gorgeous sheep that may someday become a few skeins of Ladybug Fiber yarn.  🙂

Meanwhile, I’m headed out tomorrow on trip 4 of 5 this summer, as I continue helping my parents adjust to a new life and a new home.  And both of my children are moving out in the next few weeks, although one will be in college, not too far away.  Lots of transitions.  Lots of packing and unpacking.

Here at Ladybug Fiber, I’ve had to shutter the store frequently, more than I like, but I am continuing to dye whenever I’m home.  Within a few weeks, I should be able to pull off a pretty nice update, just in time for fall knitting.  I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you all have been having a wonderful summer! 

— Meg


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