Throwing in the towel


I didn’t realize how dysfunctional my relationship with my laptop had become until this past Friday when I was trying to update my shop.

Thursday, the day before, I’d managed to edit a bunch of photos and list a couple of dozen skeins of yarn in my Etsy shop.  Thursday was a pretty good day.  My laptop was humming along and although it was slow, it was ok.  While waiting for every page or photo edit to load I’d do a bit of laundry, a few dishes, move the sprinkler around, let out the cat, chop a vegetable, get the mail, etc.

But oh, Friday was bad.  Although I’d managed to edit all the photos on Thursday, I still had three dozen listings to put up on Etsy and the laptop was having none of it.  It froze over and over and over.  Every other restart resulted in The Black Screen.  I finally gave up after a full day at it, having only listed maybe 8 skeins of yarn.

This sort of thing has been going on for… two years.  But I’ve managed to limp along.  The laptop itself, a racy red Dell that I got for a milestone birthday, is now over seven years old and is on its third hard drive.  I hate spending money, I hate having to replace things that I think should last longer, and I really hate researching computers and making decisions.  But after coming home and finding me in a lather on Friday night, my husband pulled up all the relevant iMac specs and dragged me over to Best Buy on Saturday to do more “research.”  It was a 108 degree day and I was past annoyed on all levels, so a half hour later I walked out with a new computer and a bunch of other stuff.  It must have been my destiny that a handsome Apple rep just happened to be there.  I felt like we were such close friends by the end of the purchase ordeal that I almost asked for his number.

I have to say, this iMac is really gorgeous.  And it talks to my iPhone and iPad.  And everything loads in maybe a second, so unfortunately, no more folding towels in between edits.

But it turns out that my old go-to, lazy person’s photo editing program, Picasa, is no more, so it looks like I’m going to have to learn Photoshop.  Finally.  Maybe Excel will be next.  I’ve been putting that off for a few years too.

In the meantime, it might be a while before I can update the shop again – but when I do, I should have enough time left over to take a nap, or drive to the next state.

In the meantime, come find me on my new business page on Instagram:  Ladybugfiber.





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